Online Sports Betting Has Become Widespread in the United States

Online Sports Betting Has Become
Widespread in the United States
It’s not uncommon to find a sportsbook offering multiple betting options for each game. Some
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deep futures. Look at each individual game listing for all the markets and odds available. Check
to make sure you’re getting a good value. Online betting has become widely available in the
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Sports betting in the US - Enteractive
New York’s legalization of online sports betting
As New York lawmakers prepare to legalize online sports betting, some industry observers are
already predicting a surge in betting handle. By June of next year, wagering on New York
sporting events will account for more than 90 percent of the state’s total betting handle. If the
new law continues to be implemented as planned, wagering handles could top a billion dollars
per month. The state’s legalization of online sports betting is expected to benefit four existing
upstate casinos that operate sportsbooks. These are Barstool Sports, DraftKings, and FanDuel.
Mobile sports betting has benefited state finances. Mobile operators pay a 51 percent tax on
gross gaming revenue, which is the difference between bettors’ money and the payouts they
receive. New York has already raised $78.5 million in tax revenue, most of which is directed
towards education. The state budget office originally estimated that mobile sports betting would
generate $49 million in tax revenue for the first three months of 2022. By May 15, the state is
expected to earn a total of $251 million from sports betting licenses.
Ohio’s legalization of online sports betting
While online sports betting is already legal in many states, it has yet to become common in Ohio.
A number of competing bills were introduced in the state to legalize online sports betting, but
compromises were never reached. In December 2021, State Senator Kirk Schurling took over
the effort and introduced his own bill. This bill was signed into law by Gov. Mike DeWine in
January 2023. Once passed, legal sports betting in Ohio will be available to all residents as early
as January 2023.
There are three main types of sports betting in Ohio. There are Type A sportsbooks, Type B
sportsbooks, and retail kiosks. In Ohio, the sports betting industry will have access to all major
sporting events, including domestic and international games, leagues, and college sports.
Ultimately, the state will issue licenses to 65 companies. In addition to online sportsbooks, offline
sports betting will be available through brick-and-mortar casinos and retail kiosks.

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West Virginia’s legalization of online sports betting
The legalization of online sports betting in West Virginia has made it easier for residents to place
bets on their favorite sports. While the state does not have a specific number of licensed online
sportsbooks, casinos can open up to three mobile sportsbook operators. The West Virginia
Lottery Commission oversees all sports betting activity in the state. West Virginia sports betting

websites also offer the convenience of full remote registration, which allows residents to place
their first bet and deposit money from the comfort of their own home.
While many other states are considering introducing similar legislation, West Virginia’s move is
notable. In March, legislator Doug Fluharty introduced H 2751, which added sports betting
regulation to the state’s constitution. It mandated the Lottery Commission to regulate the sport
betting industry. The law allowed bettors to place wagers on professional and most collegiate
sports. The state’s five casinos now operate retail sportsbooks.
Connecticut’s legalization of online sports betting
The repeal of PASPA opened the doors to sports betting in all 50 states, including Connecticut.
The state was among the early adopters, but neighboring states are catching up. Now,
Connecticut is set to legalize online sports betting by 2021, but federal permission will still be
necessary for all transactions. In addition, Connecticut’s Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan
tribes have expressed their desire to protect their exclusivity rights in all forms of gambling,
including online gambling.
The state’s regulators are hopeful for quick approval. The state’s Department of Consumer

Protection submitted a package of regulations to the General Assembly, which has a fast-
tracked process. The state’s Democratic-run administration and Mohegan tribes both want

sports betting legal by Sept. 9. However, the issue is not yet over, and two sports betting bills
have failed in state legislatures.

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